Your Top 10 Summer Motorcycle Accessories- Plus Staff Favorites

We’ve rounded up some of the bestselling products in our lineup from this past May to July, to show you what our customers are loving the most this riding season. Comfort and storage space are top considerations, especially motorcycle luggage and ergonomic accessories. The number-one item is a perennial safety favorite: a loud, easy-to-install horn.

We’ve also put together a list of the top items that Twisted riders recommend, with some great explanations of why these products have made a difference for them. If you’d like to share your own opinions or experiences, please leave a product review the next time you purchase something, or by logging in now. We’d love to hear from you!


DENALI SoundBomb Mini HornDENALI SoundBomb Mini Horn

“I think this has to be one of the best upgrades for safety without installing an air horn. This thing sounds like a car horn and is such an improvement over the OEM disc horns. The install couldn’t get any easier either.” – Nymetsfan912


Barkbusters VPS HandguardsBarkbusters VPS Handguards for 7/8” or 1-1/8″ Bars

“I had no problem putting them on, they make the bike look so much better, the plastics match the Honda red perfect, and they’re rock solid.” – Oathkeeper7



MRA X-Creen Touring Spoiler BladeMRA X-Creen Touring Windshield Spoiler

“Test drive – WoW – what a difference the tour screen makes! Super quiet air in the cockpit. No more head buffeting and neck strain. The flexibility of positioning the screen is easy to do.” – Bbenz



SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock Daypack Tank BagSW-MOTECH Quick-Lock EVO Daypack Tank Bag

“Great tank bag for day tripping, big enough for a phone and charger and a few extra things and does not impede in any way turning the handlebars. Quick-lock makes it secure and easy to get on and off with no paint scuffing.” – Adam


KAOKO Throttle Lock & StabilizerKAOKO Throttle Lock & Stabilizer for Kawasaki Models

“The throttle lock worked flawlessly on a 12-mile stretch of highway with some slight rises and downhill sections. Never need to re-adjust. Great product, easy install and easy operation.” – Gerald



DrySpec D28 Dual-End Dry BagDrySpec D28 Dual-End Waterproof Dry Bag

“Great purpose-built item. The RF-welded daisy chain loops are very sturdy. Side openings are brilliant! D28 is a small bag good for a 2-3 day trip.” – VikingJes



Doubletake Enduro MirrorsDoubletake Enduro Mirrors

“I have these on my BMW F800 GSA and switch them between my XR650L. Easy to install, adjust, and remove. That’s what makes them the best on the market.” – crobgo



SW-MOTECH Crash BarsSW-MOTECH Crash Bars for BMW GS Models

“One week after I installed the bars, the bike went down on its right side. Not ONE SCRATCH! (The right bar has a couple of marks from the asphalt.) These bars will ABSOLUTELY protect your new F700GS – take it from someone who knows!” – Hal


MFW Stash PegsMFW Stash Pegs

“Great quality and the only nice long pegs out there with big grooves to keep your feet on the pegs. They give me a couple of different riding positions for longer trips. Love ‘em!” – kena48



DrySpec Tool Tube KitDrySpec Tool Tube Kit

“I was so impressed with the quality of this tube that I bought another one. Easy to install and all the hardware needed to install came with it.” – BigRed12




Greg-staff-picGreg G.Interphone Tour & NoNoise Motorsport Ear Plugs

Interphone Tour Bluetooth Motorcycle Communicator

NoNoise Motorsport Hearing Protection

Riding with the Interphone and no ear plugs, I struggle to hear music over the wind noise in my helmet. This causes me to turn up the communicator to a volume level that is most likely damaging to my ears. NoNoise plugs eliminate the wind noise, but I can still hear the music clear as day (and without damaging my hearing).


Jane-staff-picJane P.Denali D2 LED Lights

DENALI D2 LED Lighting Kit

If I could only keep one of the many accessories on my Tiger, it would have to be the D2s. These lights look great and have taken me from an “I’ll ride at night if I have to get home” girl to “It’s night time? Let’s ride!”


Brad-staff-picMRA X-Creen Sport Windshield SpoilerBrad Z.

MRA X-Creen Sport Windshield Spoiler

You could spend a fortune trying different aftermarket windscreens, looking for the magic combo that puts you in smooth air. Or you could just buy the X-Creen and be done with it. The adjustability of the X-Creen is like having hundreds of windscreen shapes to try. If you just can’t find that sweet spot, well, it’s a universal product, not model-specific, so you’ll have a much easier time selling it on Craigslist.


jess'staffpicJessica P.SW-MOTECH Blaze Saddlebag System

SW-MOTECH Blaze Sport Saddlebag System

I’ve been using these bags for my everyday commute this summer, as I don’t mind leaving them on the bike all the time with their streamlined, sporty style. I also like how quickly they slide on and off the support racks, with just two buckles to click to secure them to the bike (you can detach the support arms, too, to go back to your stock look). I have fumbled with many different saddlebag systems over the years, and the Blaze is by far the sleekest, easiest soft saddlebag system I’ve ever used. That quick on/off is great for long trips, when you need to bring the bags with you into various lodging. They’re not the roomiest saddlebags on the market, but they expand to hold a decent amount (14-21 liters), and I supplement with a dry tail bag. In addition, I’ve used the internal waterproof liners in pouring rain, and they kept my stuff dry.


Erich-P-staff-picR&G Bar End SlidersErich P.

R&G Bar End Sliders

So far, the thing that has made the biggest impact (or lack thereof) for me has been the R&G bar end sliders. I was getting a lot of weird arm fatigue and numbness from bar vibration on rides over an hour. The weights gave the bars a little more stability, which increased handling in general as well as getting rid of any arm/wrist issues I was having.


Jack-staff-picAkop K.

One of my must-haves, at least while traveling via bike or exploring unknown areas and canyons, is a combination of products that work together so I can navigate, track, and have emergency communication available to me. Here is the combination I recommend to achieve this goal:


RAM Mounts Tough ClawRAM Mounts Tough Claw: Great because it’s modular. Can be moved from bike to bike if you own multiple or you’re borrowing a bike or renting. No tools or modification required.RAM Mounts X-GRIP

RAM Mounts X-GRIP: This universal holder has a tether strap. I use it with a RAM Claw and an extension arm to mount my phone for navigation and “action cam” use.

RAM Mounts 2" Extension ArmRAM Mounts 2” Extension Arm (or whatever length suits you): This is required to go between the Claw and the X-Grip.



Those three products are paired with one of these:

BATTERY TENDER SAE To USB ChargerBattery Tender SAE to USB Adapter: For charging USB-powered devices, like a phone, up to 2.1 amps! This thing is awesome because almost everyone has an easily accessible SAE lead (trickle-charging lead) coming off their battery. With one of these little guys, you can plug right in. No wiring required, and it comes right off when you’re not using it. Again, a great product when you’re borrowing a bike or renting.


Battery Tender Ring Terminals-To-SAE HarnessBattery Tender Ring Terminal to SAE Harness: Now, if you do not have an SAE lead on your bike, then shame on you! Luckily, we sell those too, and you should just put it on. Very cheap and just goes on top of your battery terminals, secured by the terminal bolts. Once again, no special wiring or modifications are required.


Apparently, there seems to be a theme in the products that I like to choose: those that require little to no permanent modifications to the bike, and will transfer from one bike to the next (extra handy if you own multiple motorcycles). If I had to pick just one must-have here, it would be the SAE to USB charger.


Pete-staff-picPeter A.

I second Akop’s recommendation on the Battery Tender SAE to USB adapter for charging electronic devices off an SAE lead. If my phone is dead while I’m away from home, I’m grumpy. The Battery Tender unit charges my phone up quick and I’ve never had an issue with it draining the battery! I also prefer to wear my Twisted Core Summer Pants while riding.


Maxima SC1 Detailing SprayMy favorite product of the summer has to be the Maxima SC1 silicone detailing spray. It smells great and makes your motorcycle look better than brand new! My motorcycle has 70K on it, and after a wipe down with SC1, it looks better than the day I bought it! Happy motoring!




RajaKapurRaja K.

DENALI DM LED Lighting Kit

The biggest must-have mod for me is the DENALI DM lights. I used to have cars start to pull out of their parking spots or leave their stop sign instead of waiting for me to pass, even after having noticed me coming down the road. The issue is that it is very hard to judge how fast an object is traveling at you and how far away it is. How many times have you seen one bright light on a dark road and not been able to tell if the light is moving towards you or away from you?

The US DOT has done a lot of research on fixing this issue for trains and railroad crossings. They found that a triangular light pattern on a moving object makes it more noticeable and allows us to better guess the object’s speed and distance. I could link you to the entire 20+ page research results document, but this screenshot below summarizes the relevant information:

DOT screenshot


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