Why Would You Put Handguards On A Street or Sport Motorcycle?

Off-road and adventure riders know Barkbusters handguards offer outstanding protection from rocks and tree limbs on the trail, and even provide some protection for levers and switches in minor falls. But are handguards useful on streetbikes? It turns out they are.

Cold can be a big deterrent when riding your motorcycle in the late fall/early winter. Barkbusters extend your riding season by blunting the cold wind so you can wear lighter gloves for better control feel and also get more out of your heated grips. In rain they’ll keep your non-waterproof gloves drier for longer, too.

In summer, when you want more airflow through your ventilated gloves, the plastic Barkbusters panels are easily removed, leaving behind the mounting bracket, which helps protect hand controls and handlebar switches from tip-overs that might otherwise leave you stranded with just a stub of a clutch or brake lever.

Off-road isn’t the only place your hands need protection. Follow a gravel truck for a while, or watch as a rock or some other road trash is tossed up by the car in front of you, and you’ll see how Barkbusters can turn a very bad moment into no big deal. Even a hard rain can hurt enough to be distracting. Touring bikes have wide fairings and windscreens that fend off most of the rain, but sportbikes and road bikes don’t.

Do you ride with handguards on your streetbike? Tell us in the comments how they help keep your hands protected and comfortable year-round, and show other riders why Barkbusters aren’t just for off-road and adventure bikes.

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