What is a Motorcycle Side Stand Foot Enlarger?

You know what they say about motorcycles with big feet? They’re more stable and can offer better support! The concept of the foot enlarger is pretty easy to understand. On a street bike with a tiny little foot, you’re bound to encounter some pavement in hot weather that is too soft to support the weight of your bike. That’s where the side stand foot enlarger (or shoe) comes in.

How Does A Side Stand Foot Enlarger Work?

It is simply a small attachment that goes on to the bottom of your kickstand. It makes the footprint larger, and helps disperse the weight. Is it a substitution for a puck? Not entirely, but will you have better support with one? Absolutely. It may keep divots from forming, but it will depend on the pavement. On grass it will do a better job keeping your bike upright while you find something you can put under it. Find the one that fits your bike here. Most are easy to install and bike specific.

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David Philio
David Philio

Does it cause the safety switch to turn off the motor because of the added weight pulling the stand down on bumps? Will it need a stronger spring?