What Are The Must-Have Sport Touring Motorcycle Accessories?

When sport touring on your motorcycle, there are a few things you always want to have with you. Here are some of our suggestions, but we want to keep adding to the list! What are we missing that you absolutely never take a trip without?

  • ToolsYou gotta have something with you ‘just in case’. This Motohansa kit is great because of it’s roll up design and high quality parts. Things you may also want to include are things like JB weld, a tire repair kit, and the one thing you aren’t allowed to leave the house without – zip ties.
  • Jump Pack – These aren’t big and bulky anymore. A jump pack like this one from Antigravity.
  • Dry Bag – Nobody wants wet stuff if it starts to rain. These dry bag liners from SW-MOTECH do the trick keeping your stuff dry.
  • Ear Plugs – Whether it’s NoNoise or foam, having extras is key. You really don’t want to ride without them.
  • Extra Straps – You never know what you’ll end up strapping to your bike. That pizza isn’t gonna transport itself home!
  • Flashlight – Ever drop a screw onto pavement while working on a repair in the dark? If you haven’t, you will, and you’ll be glad you can see the ground.
  • Visor Cleaner – Because riding is hard enough without a wall of bugs and debris clouding your vision. We’re big fans of this self contained kit from Clear Shot.
  • Water – It might seem like a no-brainer, but having fresh water on your trip can be as important as gas.

What’d we miss? Watch our video, and leave a comment below!

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Very informative Blog Mate! I would like to recommend one more essential accessory for your extended rides. i.e motorcycle fuel bladders so that you could carry an extra fuel for urgent circumstances.