Welcoming the 2017 BMW G310GS

The Mini GS is Here

bmw-g310gsWhen BMW launched the built-in-Bangalore G310R earlier this year as an all-new, single-cylinder starter bike, speculation started immediately that a GS version had to be just around the corner. It’s logical. It’s smart. BMW is both logical and smart. Ipso facto, the G310GS.

And here it is. In profile view, there’s no doubting the GS lineage in styling, from the angular fuel tank, headlight supports, proto-beak, an aluminum luggage rack, and stylized wings that on the big GS cover the radiators. Described as roomy and comfortable, the mini GS’s riding position is set by what appears to be a steel, 7/8-inch bar riding in rubber-isolated clamps. We’ll get right on that.

bmw310gsAs in the G310R, the GS’s 313cc, liquid-cooled single wears a reversed head, with the intake to the front and exhaust to the rear. BMW claims a number of technical benefits, including better weight distribution in the chassis. It makes 34 hp at the crank at 9500 rpm, which works against a wet weight of 374 pounds. You can bet the relatively short suspension travel of 7.1 inches at both ends is a compromise to get the seat height to a reasonable 32.9 inches. A low seat will be an option.

bmw-g301gs-profile“Extremely compact yet mature and comfortable, the GS opens up a whole new world of riding experience within its segment,” so says BMW. Motorrad hasn’t officially set US prices or confirmed arrival dates, but we’ll speculate that we’ll see the G-GS in the first quarter of 2017. ABS is standard but don’t go looking for ride modes or traction control. BMW has to compete with some new small-cube dual-sports this year and keeping a lid on price will be critical.

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What BMW really needs to do is take the R1200GS, reduce all dimensions by 1/3, and thereby create a boxer adventure bike “for the rest of us” that are under 6 feet tall. It would sell like hotcakes. “But they have the 800GS”… chain drive! Who wants to mess with that? 900cc boxer twin with shaft drive and 1/3 smaller overall… everyone and their brother is waiting for it… BMW, we request that you build it.