Triumph Tiger 800 Motorcycle Accessories – What Are Your Options?

Triumph’s midsized Tiger 800 has been a huge success for the company, combining a torque-rich triple with a chassis light and agile to offer both highway and off-road competence. The first generation, built from 2010 to 2014, is bigger than a traditional dual sport but not as big as the full-sized ADV machines, the Tiger 800 is often described as “just right.” Proof? Here’s our demo bike in action:

Even better? The Tiger 800 has a wide range of motorcycle accessories available to make it more useful, comfortable, visible, and able to handle abuse.

Triumph Tiger 800 Luggage & Mounts

triumphtiger800drybagsLet’s begin with the luggage—for a lightweight and absolutely water-resistant set you have the Denali D68 Modular Packing System. Made up of two D20 saddlebags and one D28 dry bag intended for use as a top case, the D68 system makes full use of the Tiger’s layout to give you options—pack as much as you need for any given trip and leave elements of the D68 at home if you like. The slip-lock mounting system ensures a tight fit on the bike and little worry of arriving without your stuff.

Another soft option is the SW-MOTECH Dakar bag system. Using unobtrusive mounts designed for the Tiger 800, the Dakar system is made up of interchangeable 32-liter soft-sided saddlebags with a roll top and waterproof inner bags. The Dakar system is light and flexible but benefits from the tubular mounting frame. They’re the best of both worlds—secure like hard bags, affordable and lightweight like soft saddlebags.

For a more traditional hard-luggage option, there’s the SW-MOTECH Trax EVO aluminum adventure cases. These are available as a complete kit that includes a 38-liter top case, one 37-liter side case and another 45-liter side case (to accommodate the Tiger’s right-side exhaust) as well as the required side and top carrier hardware and keyed locking system. The mounting kit for the Tiger will also accommodate the new SW-MOTECH Trax Adventure cases, available in 37-liter side, 45-liter side, and a 38-liter top case. (The cases here are natural-finish aluminum, though they’re also available in powder-coated black.)

Tiger 800 Auxiliary Lights For The Tiger 800

tiger800lightsAuxiliary lighting is always desired equipment by adventure-seeking riders. Because, well, it’s better to see the tree you’re about to clip during that sunset ride than to be surprised by it. For the Tiger, lighting starts with a mounting system designed just for the 800. From there, add any of the Denali LED lighting systems, from the D4 Flood & Spot Hybrid system or the D2 Dual Intensity System to the insanely bright DX Xtreme or the space-saving DM Micro set. For rundown on the Denali range you can also watch this video.

Crash Protection For Your Triumph Tiger 800

From the protection angle, it’s easy to upgrade the Tiger’s hand guards to the Barkbusters VPS, which includes a durable aluminum frame behind wind-cheating (and replaceable) plastic wind deflectors. In place of the Triumph’s stock belly pan you’ll get a lot more protection from the SW-MOTECH Aluminum Engine Guard/Skid Plate, designed to protect the Tiger’s silky triple, keep the exhaust system from harm, all the while making maintenance no more difficult than stock. That’s a win-win. Further protection is available from in the form of an R&G radiator guard and exhaust header grill.

Triumph Tiger Ergonomics

Because ergonomics are such a personal thing, and so important off road, the Tiger 800 gets attention there as well. SW-MOTECH’s On/Off Road Footpegs are much meatier than stock, a real benefit when the trail is muddy, while ROX Handlebar Risers give you a wide range of adjustment to bar height and pullback. If you just want to raise the bar, look at the SW-MOTECH 30mm Handlebar Risers.

There are different models of the Tiger 800, so depending on which one you have, you can browse all the products for yours here:

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