The BMW S1000XR Gold Chrome Experience

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It hasn’t been easy staying tight-lipped about this project. From the moment the BMW S1000XR arrived, we knew we would be making something special in partnership with BMW Motorcycle Owners of America. The idea was to build a bike that would be ridden across the country, then after a few modifications by our tech team, raced at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado. After a long wait, we learned we didn’t get in — but there was no way we were ever going halt production. Here’s why. (Click any image for a larger version)

The Golden Age Of Twisted Throttle

Gold Chrome Alternative Chrome CreationsThe day we got the gold back from the brilliant minds at Alternative Chrome Creations is one that we’ll always remember. The un-boxing was an event unto itself, and we immediately got to work putting the disassembled bike back together. The process of chroming the plastics was something that we hadn’t tried before. While we had high hopes that it would work, what we got back from ACC far exceeded our wildest expectations. The process of chroming plastic is relatively new technology to us, and we had only seen it on a small scale. We had high high hopes it would work out when used for this application.

BMW Gold Chrome PartsThe wheels by themselves already had us drooling, but by the time we opened the rest of the packages, we knew we were in for a big treat. By now, a crowd had assembled. As the parts were laid out, the table in our design studio resembled something out of a pirate’s treasure chest. The work that Alternative Chrome Creations did with the plastics was nothing shy of amazing. As great as these photos look, this bike is just one of those things that has to be seen in person.

Our design team worked tirelessly over the next 24 hours reassembling the golden wonder. There were a lot of screws. A lot of rivets. A lot of buffing cloths. As we basked in all its glory, we knew there was more work to do – mainly outfitting the bike with crash protection, luggage, and other miscellaneous bits of awesome that would only make this bike more of a beast. But, somehow, none of that seemed important. Once the bike was mostly together, it took on a life of its own, and just being around it was a treat.

The Gold Chrome BMW S1000XR

Not only did we chrome it, but it’s also been outfitted to the max. The bike comes with engine case covers, frame sliders, fork sliders, swing arm spools, exhaust hanger, boot guard kit, a radiator guard, side-stand shoe and tail tidy from R&G Racing. SW-Motech provided the Kobra hand guards with integrated turn signal indicators, as well as the City EVO tank bag. From Dry Spec there’s a full set of D38 waterproof soft luggage. The S1000XR is ready to be ridden! All you need is gas.

Now it’s going to be given away! That’s right, BMW MOA is raffling this bike off! Tickets are $25 each or 5 for $100. And you’d be supporting BMW MOA which is a good thing! Buy your tickets here!

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