Not All Who Wander Are Lost

As we navigate the terrain looking for new and exciting adventures, RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel magazine has created an app that is the perfect co-pilot.  Guided by three main concepts, this adventure app allows the rider to Discover, Navigate or Create an adventure they can call their own.

Designed with a library of routes, your adventure can reference established routes that have been traversed over time and saved to share within the ‘Discover’ guide on the application. Find where others have discovered beautiful scenery and perfectly winding roads that provide exactly what you need for a weekend getaway.

If setting your own destination is your preference, for those who like to go from point A to point B, the ‘Navigate’ feature allows you to input the destination and follow your route without a WiFi connection. That’s right, you can connect online, save your route and let the RoadRUNNER Rides app do the rest offline! It is also Bluetooth compatible, allowing hands free interaction.

And now for the rebels, the seekers, those that cut their own trail and everyone in between, you will love the ‘Create’ feature to build unlimited routes that you can truly call your own. Set a course or change it as you ride to design your perfect day, while the RoadRUNNER Rides app keeps you on track.

As a leader and trusted source of knowledge within our industry, RoadRUNNER is once again a pioneer of creativity, a source of inspiration and engineer of cutting-edge technology. For more information, visit today. The adventure is just beginning!

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