How To Install & Remove Motorcycle Tank Grips/Pads

As far as affordable upgrades that can really make a difference go, motorcycle tank grips/pads would have to be near the top of the list. You probably don’t need us to convince you just how much of a difference they make, but one thing to consider is how they are installed. When removing grips, warmer temperatures will always make it easier. All you’ve really got to do here is get one edge up and start peeling. Get your thumb underneath, start pinching until you get a grip on an edge and pull it off. If you want to re-apply get some proper wax paper and the grips shouldn’t stick to it. Whether or not you re-use the grips is up to you, but use your better judgement on how bad they look. In the above video you can see the grips were filled with grime and dirt, so it made no sense to re-use them.

When you’re ready to install, the most important thing to do is clean the tank more than you think you need to. Use something like Windex for best results. Get that area free of all dirt and debris and you’ll be good to go. From there, keep your oily greasy fingers off the back of the pad and peel off a corner. Stick that where you want it and remove the rest of the backing. So remember, just take your time and it should be fine, go to fast, it might not last.

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