How To Install An R&G Fender Extender

All you’ll need once the fender is off.

Installing a fender extender is a great way add some extra coverage and protection to your motorcycle, without having to spend big bucks. It’s a pretty simple concept: By literally extending the fender, the amount of debris thrown back from the front tire is minimized. These motorcycle-specific fender extenders from R&G fit flush with the OEM fender and secure with pop rivets. For the price, it’s hard to get more value as far as what you get for protection to your chassis.

To install the Fender Extender, you’ll need the tools to remove your front fender, along with a drill and a small drill bit (size varies based on the size of the pop rivets in your kit). A couple holes is all it takes. Press the rivets in place, reattach the fender, and you’re back on the road in about 20 minutes, start to finish. Watch the video below to see how easy this installation can be.

Installing Your Motorcycle Fender Extender

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