How To Install A Tail Tidy (Fender Eliminator) On A Motorcycle

Try as they might, most motorcycle manufacturers have a hard time making the stock license plate assembly look good on sport and standard bikes. (Actually laws dictating lighting sizes, placement and visibility of the license plate have a big hand in this.) Maybe that’s why “tidying” up the rear fender is one of the first things riders customize on their motorcycles.

R&G provides one of the cleanest, most stylish solutions on the market: the Tail Tidy fender eliminator. It’s also one of our most popular products — presumably because, like I said, most stock fenders are butt ugly. As a bonus, for an electrical accessory it’s pretty easy to install.

In the video below, we walk you through the installation step by step. R&G provides nearly everything you need to install the Tail Tidy, including most of the hardware and connectors. You’ll just need to reuse a few of the OEM bolts, wiring and electrical connectors; how many depends on whether you’re keeping your stock turn signals or adding aftermarket ones.

Time: 1-2 hours
Tools/hardware needed:

  • Socket wrench set*
  • Allen or Torx wrench set*
  • Open-end or combination wrenches*
  • 6mm nut driver for plate illuminator
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire strippers
  • Wire crimpers
  • Zip-ties

* The exact tools will depend on motorcycle make and model, but most manufacturers use common hardware around the tail section and rear fender.

Tail Tidy Installation Steps

  1. Start by removing and disassembling the stock license plate bracket assembly, turn signals, and plate light. If you want to reuse your stock signals, it’s a good idea to note which color wires go to which side (right or left signal).
  2. Next you’ll assemble the Tail Tidy off the bike, including the turn signals and the plate illuminator. Start by running the wiring through the provided holes, then attach the signals and license plate light. Use wire keepers (provided with the kit) and/or zip-ties to neaten up the wiring. You don’t want anything like loose wiring around the rear wheel.
  3. Last step is to mount the Tail Tidy on the bike. You’ll use the OEM wiring sub-harness from the original bracket, as it’ll have the connectors for the signals and illuminator and the tie-in to the bike. Be sure to match up the wire colors based on those meticulous notes you took earlier, and test to make sure all the lights work. Once everything looks good, tuck in the wires (maybe using some zip-ties to tidy things up), then fully test all the lights before you start putting bodywork back on. If all’s well, replace the bodywork and seat, and test one more time before you go riding.

To find the Tail Tidy that fits your bike, try our Shop by Bike tool and choose Fender Eliminators in the Product Type sidebar.

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