DrySpec H35 Luggage: World Class Durable & Versatile Luggage for the Rough & Tough Adventurer

The Cases

The DrySpec H35 waterproof case is an incredibly durable and versatile luggage solution. Rugged, military spec construction provides certified protection from impact, water intrusion and vibration while a simple and symmetrical design allows this case to be utilized as a top case or side case. 

The H35 side-opening design and industry leading wall thickness puts the H35 case in a class of its own when it comes to strength and durability. Construction consists of 3/16 inch (5mm) thick proprietary Resin Co-Polymer walls and includes TSA approved locks. 18 gauge stainless steel over-center latches guarantee they stay securely fastened through rough terrain and tip overs. The cases are designed to be submersible, ensuring they keep your supplies protected and there when you need them, despite inadequate weather or a swim in a deep creek.

Each H35 case provides 35 liters of storage space, totaling 70 liters when used as a side case configuration and 105 liters when using a 3 case setup. 



The Add-ons

To improve function even more, optional Top Load Liners give side-loaders the convenience of top-loading luggage and help prevent your gear from falling out when the lid is opened. Internal MOLLE lid panels are available to keep top cases tidy while on the road. There’s also exterior interchangeable MOLLE style accessory mounting panels available to mount compatible equipment pouches. Accessorize away, we won’t judge. 

The H35 Rack Adapter Spacer Kit positions the H35 Case a ½ inch further away from the vehicle to enable full rotation of the mounting latch in tight spaces. These spacers install between the vehicle rack and A Frame mounting adapter and were specifically developed for use on the non-exhaust side of motorcycles with large grab handles. 



Mounting Options

The A-Frame Mounting Adapters are the foundation of the DRYSPEC A-Lock™ Mounting System. The H35 case latch and stainless mounting bushing lock onto this adapter effortlessly to create a heavy duty quick release connection to the vehicle racks (top or side racks).. This mounting system provides simple, solid and secure mounting and locking of your luggage. Sharing the same hole patterns as Monokey mounting systems, the available A-Lock Side Case Adapter Kit allows these panniers to be mounted to any SW-MOTECH EVO side carrier as well as most GIVI PL series Monokey side racks. The low-profile steel mounting plate is incredibly strong, yet practically disappears when the case is detached. The single piece construction of the mounting plate will also help to reinforce the vehicle rack to further strengthen the whole luggage system. The wedge shaped design of the A-Lock system holds your cases in place no matter how rough the terrain, yet provides a nearly effortless and smooth track for mounting and removing your luggage.



The Design Process

I sat down with Nate Bastien, the head designer of this DrySpec H35 luggage system to ask a few questions:

M: Where did you get your inspiration for this project?

N: Inspiration for this project came from the popular mil-spec cases made popular by companies like Pelican. However, these companies never produced an elegant motorcycle mounting system for their incredibly tough cases. Of the motorcycle luggage out there, nothing compared to the durability of these mil-spec cases.

The H35 case was developed to address two specific shortcomings of existing motorcycle luggage; durability and versatility. Traditional thin-walled aluminum and plastic cases just can’t withstand the abuse of even a conservative adventure rider. And side cases that are top-opening are even more vulnerable and are likely to get crushed in a mere tip-over. The only drawback of side opening luggage is it’s less convenient as items tend to fall out of the box when opened. That is why we designed the inner liners, to ultimately give you the best of both worlds; strength without compromising usability.

M: What did the design process look like? How long did it take to finalize the design?

N: It actually took us about a year to finalize the design. The most difficult part was having to develop a custom over-center latch that sat on a 90-degree corner. There was no type of over Center latch that I could find anywhere in existence that was designed to sit and operate over a 90-degree corner. This was necessary in order to develop an incredibly strong latching mechanism that did not take up too much space when it’s open, and didn’t interfere with grab rails on the motorcycle. It also was necessary to have the 90° over-center latch in order for the cases to function as both top and side cases. Essentially it needed to have a symmetrical design.

We also put a lot of consideration into the mounting bushings and the plastic wear plates that were on the outside of the metal support bars. We needed the strength of steel but didn’t want a powder-coated finish that could scrape overtime – so we layered HDPE plastic over the steel that would make direct contact with the A-frame on the rack. Through trial and error, this process took a few months to perfect. 

M: How is this case system different than other mil-spec/motorcycle cases on the market today?

N: Other mil-spec cases exist on the market, and plenty of people cobble together custom mounting solutions so they can be used on their motorcycles – but none of them are as durable or easy to use as the H35 case. This kit gives riders access to an easy to mount, rugged case that stands up to anything a motorcycle adventure will throw at you. If you want the toughest hard cases on the market, the H35 is your answer. Traditional case mounting systems also favor convenience over durability with light-duty snap on mechanisms that are just as easy to snap off. That’s why we went overboard to develop a custom A-Lock™ Mounting System that features a beefy 18 gauge stainless steel over-center latch, stainless steel mounting bushings, and a unique dual layer mounting rail that uses a layer of HDPE to eliminate metal to metal wear. Our super versatile A-Lock™ Mounting System enables quick release connection to our A-Frame adapters which can be mounted to motorcycle side racks, motorcycle top racks, ATVs, Side by Sides, and even Jeeps.

M: What is the craziest thing you have seen happen to one of these bags? Have you needed to exchange any under warranty yet?

N: I have seen two instances where the bags have gone through extreme abuse and they survived both times. We have yet to get a returned case due, so we must have done something right!

  1. During prototype and testing a case that was accidently not latched fell off the bike at highway speeds. It tumbled down the highway at about 80 MPH and did not pop open, deform, or wear through the case. The contents were completely fine upon examination and we latched the box back in place (being sure to lock it this time) and continued on riding.
  2. We ran over the case with Greg’s Jeep. The proprietary plastic material is able to flex massively and then return to its original shape without damaging the case or affecting its waterproof properties. 


Our Limited-Time Promotional Offer

For a limited time only, we are offering a special promo! When you purchase a set of H35 cases, we will send you a set of the top load liners AND a set of the MOLLE accessory mounting side panels for FREE. That’s $170 worth of H35 accessories for FREE when you purchase a set of cases. This is applied automatically at checkout. For questions, give our Gear Scouts a ring at 855-255-5550.

What’s Stopping You?

Protect your gear from your adventure with a DrySpec H35 A-Lock Waterproof 35L Side Case Set. Waterproof, rugged, and secure, these military spec cases are built to take whatever your ride can throw at them. Focus on your ride with the assurance provided by the 35 liter H35 A-Lock Waterproof Side Case Set by DrySpec.


H35 Features:

  • A-Lock mounting system for strength, security and simplicity
  • Proprietary Resin Co-Polymer case construction
  • 3/16in (5mm) wall thickness
  • 18 gauge stainless steel over-center latches
  • Stainless steel mounting bushings
  • Dual layer steel and HDPE mounting rails
  • Premium lid latches with TSA approved locks
  • Fold away carry handles
  • Submersible: IP67 & MIL-STD-810F
  • Impact certified: Category 1 ATA Specification 300
  • Drop Certified: ATSM D-4169 D-18
  • Vibration Certified: ATSM D-4169 D-18
  • Versatile use as side or top cases
  • 35 liter capacity each case for 70L total
  • Interior dimensions: L18in x W13in x H9.5in (45.7cm x 33cm x 24.1cm)
  • Exterior dimensions: L19.9in x W16.1in x H10.1in (50.5cm x 40.9cm x 25.7cm)
  • Weight: 10.7lbs (4.9kg) each

Purchase includes:

  • Left and Right DrySpec H35 Waterproof Side Cases
  • Integrated A-Lock mounting system
  • Integrated TSA case locks
  • TSA approved case lock keys
  • A-Lock mounting lock keys
  • Installation instructions
  • LIMITED TIME ONLY: Top load liners and MOLLE accessory side panels FREE with purchase of 2 H35 cases!

Please Note: Side carriers are required for correct fitment of the A-Lock Adapter Kit

Compatible with:

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