4 Spooky Things To Avoid On Your Motorcycle This Fall

Halloween is a spooky time of year, and not just because of creepy clowns, black cats crossing your path, or frightening politicians passing out candy, er…promises. And while fall is undisputedly a great time of year to ride all across the country, it’s a season of change–shorter days, the first hints of winter coming, and other challenges that suggest you stay on point. Here’s your guide to riding smart and keeping yourself out of the pumpkin patch.

What To Avoid On Your Motorcycle?

• Creatures Of The Night

halloween-motorcyclesNow that fall is here you’re more likely to be riding at night, and probably out of practice. So are the drivers around you. From goblins to werewolves, you never know what the darkness might throw your way. When riding at night, be especially cautious in wooded areas, as the horned giant squirrel/goat (aka deer) tend to get frozen in headlights. Keep your eyes peeled to the side of the road for any glistening eyes (an auxiliary light with a wide range beam pattern like the Denali D4 does this well). If you’ve spooked them there’s a chance they’ll bolt in your direction. If you can, try to train yourself to look where you want to go. If you can be really serious about looking toward the escape path you’ll be steps ahead of an impact.Unless you have ABS (especially cornering ABS), you might need to prepared to run over a leprechaun if you’re already in the middle of a turn.

• The Blobs

The blob will attack your tires in many forms – from oil, to freshly fallen leaves. Should you end up running through either, remain calm. Don’t over-grip the bars, try to remain neutral and let the bike roll through until you can gain traction. Again, like many encounters, staying alert and avoiding it is super important and much better than having to rely on your recovery skills. You can also ride in the ruts on pavement, and be extra careful in the fall.

• Road Zombies

Identifying road zombies is easy. They’re usually meandering aimlessly on sidewalks, stop lights, and shoulders, often times staring mindlessly at their phones. The road zombie is unpredictable, and may swerve into your path at any given time looking for brains. They may also be found outside bars and restaurants as midnight approaches, and into the wee hours of the morning. Be aware of them, but be even more cautious of their upgraded version…

• Caged Road Zombies

The danger of a caged zombie is obvious. Inattentive creatures to begin with, put one behind the wheel and you can find yourself in a scary situation. If you don’t know this already, a caged road zombie can be alerted with a blast of something extremely loud, like a Denali Soundbomb, which is so loud it might wake the dead.

PROTIP – NEVER engage an enraged caged road zombie.

Got any scary encounters you’ve avoided successfully? Any Advice you’d like to add? Leave a comment below!

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