2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

The holidays are approaching quickly, but not to worry, there’s still time to order gifts for that special motorcyclist in your life! Below are a few ideas, affordable on any budget, to help get you started…

Let your loved one know you are thinking of them with practical gifts they can use on their next ride!



Stocking Stuffers Under $40

Great as stocking stuffers or casual gifts for riding friends. These items are always handy and any rider will put them to use! These products also make a great White Elephant or Dirty Santa gift at your moto club parties!

Rok Straps Commuter $13.50

These small yet versatile bungee straps should be in every motorcyclists tank bag. Perfect for strapping on bags or securing other items while out on the road. 

Soundbomb Mini $29.99

Increase the effectiveness of their motorcycle horn by gifting the SoundBomb Mini. This direct replacement to the stock horn is 113 decibels, effectively doubling the output of the stock horn. The low tone makes it easy for car drivers to hear over traffic noise too.

No Noise Ear Plugs $29.95

Any motorcyclist should be protecting their hearing, but ear plugs can often be uncomfortable and limit the ability to hear the things we should while riding. The No Noise ear plugs use ceramic filtration technology to protect hearing from harmful noise levels while still allowing lower level noises such as conversation, sirens and horns to be heard.

DrySpec Stash Box $30

The DrySpec Stash Box is a weather resistant storage box that mounts between the motorcycle and the license plate. It is ideally suited for storing the vehicle registration and other small objects while remaining unobtrusive. Your rider will never misplace their documentation again! It is also perfect for small tools like tire repair kits for example.

Ram Handlebar Mount with Double Socket Arm $35.48

These days, there are all sorts of accessories riders want to attach to their handlebars. Phone, GPS, and camera just to name a few. Ram mounts make it quick and easy to attach those accessories with their 3 part kits. Starting with the handlebar mount and double socket arm, your loved one will have the base to get started with Ram mounts! All they need from here is their device cradle of choice (available separately).


Budget Friendly Gifts Under $150

These products make amazing, budget friendly gifts for any motorcycle rider. Show them you care by outfitting them in some of the best gear without breaking the bank.

Klim Dakar Pro Gloves $69.99

Klim’s Dakar Pro gloves pack small, making them a great option for a secondary glove set while traveling. With padded knuckle and palm protection, this comfortable leather armoured glove is perfect for riders who take the path less traveled.

Soundbomb Air Horn Kit $81.98

Being seen and being HEARD are two critical components to motorcycling. The SoundBomb dual tone air horn kit takes care of the “heard” part of the equation, boasting an impressive 120 decibels, more than four times louder than a stock motorcycle horn. This kit includes the horn and wiring harness and can be mounted either with M8 thru hole on the machine or with any of our bike specific horn mounts (available separately).

Denali License Plate B6 Brake Light $95

It’s just as important to be seen from the rear as it is from the front. Our latest Denali tail light upgrade, the B6 license plate brake light, does the job nicely. The 6 red LED strip is incredibly bright and mounts directly under the license plate for a seamless look. Paired with a CanSmart controller for BMW’s (available separately) also gives the ability to strobe upon braking.

Scottoiler Vsystem $139.95

Those with chain drive motorcycles know the hassle associated with keeping that chain clean and lubricated. With the Scottoiler Vsystem, riders have one less thing to worry about while also extending the life of their chain. A must have for commuters and travelers alike!

D38 Dryspec $144.99

If the rider in your life is looking for a dry place to keep their belongings while on trips, look no further. This internally framed drybag is easy to keep strapped down even while empty and provides 38 liters of dry storage space on the tail of the bike! Available in black, orange, or grey.


Twisted’s Favorites Under $350

These are some of our favorite items here at Twisted Throttle, and are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! From riding protection and visibility to accessory management and storage, we have you covered with these Twisted favorites!

SW Motech Legends Gear LR1 Tail Bag $237.95

The LR1 tail bag from SW Motech is as functional as it is stylish! 27 liters of packing space can be turned from a top loading duffle to a backpack in just seconds. The waterproof cover keeps things dry in case of rain, and the quick release strap set makes unloading a breeze.

Denali 2.0 DM Light kit $275 & Denali Fender Bolt Kit $40

For riders who want to be seen while on the road, the Denali DM LED light kit is a must! The focused beam penetrates day or night, allowing other highway users to see the motorcycle coming. We suggest using these lights in conjunction with the fender bolt mount kit to keep them low and away from your stock headlight, creating a light pattern easily recognizable in traffic. 

Denali CanSmart Plug and Play Controller for BMW $239

BMW owners will love this gift, a plug-n-play electronic accessory manager that allows complete control of auxiliary lights, tail lights, and horn. Settings allow you to dim, strobe, and cancel lights with ease. Users can customize their settings with the computer software and hit the road knowing they are going to be seen and heard no matter the situation. 

Klim Marrakesh Riding Jacket $349.99

There is no replacement to high quality riding gear, and the Klim Marrakesh is a great place to start! Designed for maximum comfort with protection and durability for a wide range of temperatures, the Marrakesh makes a great holiday gift. The chassis is constructed of abrasion resistant 1000D Cordura offering 4-way stretch-ability, maximum mobility and a superior fit that perfectly conforms to the body.


Big Spender Items Over $300

Knock your gift giving out of the park with these big spender items. Aimed at safe riding, these products will make sure your favorite motorcyclist is seen and protected. Your loved one will truly appreciate these products while on their next riding adventure!

Denali D4 LED Lighting Kit $399

This light kit is great for riders who travel at night through rural areas. 8700 lumens light up to 800 feet down the road, giving visibility in front and into the ditches. No excuses for not seeing what is in the road with the D4 light kit! All your rider needs from here is the bike specific or universal light mount (available separately).

Klim Karbon Full Face Helmet $549.99

The Klim K1R full face helmet is the next generation in street oriented helmets that go the distance. This head protection system contains a lightweight and super strong carbon core that is surrounded by innovative technologies that ensure your rider’s noggin is protected and comfortable all day.

Denali D7 LED Lighting Kit $599

Light up the night with the brightest light kit offered by Denali Electronics. The D7 shines a staggaring 15,000 lumens down the road or trail, ensuring maximum visibility. Kit includes two light pods and the full plug-n-play wiring harness. All your rider needs from here is the bike specific or universal light mount (available separately).

Klim Apex Riding Jacket $649.99

Guaranteed waterproof and breathable with plenty of ventilation this gear also packs professional level protection with enough storage to keep all the essentials where you need them. Designed specifically for sport touring, Klim’s designers took into account riding position as well as larger windscreens in order to maximize ventilation and comfort.

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